Marketing/Consulting Services

  • Marketing Planning & Consulting

    Providing the sports marketing solution that utilizes sports to satisfy client’s marketing needs and to maximize client’s brand value.

  • Event Management

    Providing the overall service of planning sports events, establishing related marketing tactic, operating the event efficiently, and managing sponsorship for client’s branding strategy.

  • Corporate Hospitality

    Providing the comprehensive service of customized B2B/VIP hospitality programs using sports contents for client’s customer management and marketing needs

  • Public Relations

    Providing wide-ranging service of establishing PR plan in accordance with client’s brand strategy, sports marketing trend, and sports media, planning and executing PR events, managing media relationship and risk, offering media exposure analysis report for players and sponsors

  • Sports Design

    Providing the total solution in the basis of thorough understanding and strategic planning about sports and brand, that can apply into sports-related space, advertising, product, and service as a visualized creation

  • Sponsorship Measurement & Evaluation

    Providing the scientific marketing effect analysis for the media & on-site exposure and quantitative research & effect analysis through sports sponsorships for corporate, federation, sports franchise, etc.

Property Based Services

  • Property Development

    Providing the service to develop tangible and intangible sports properties and build new related business area for creating added value

  • Property Representation & Sales

    Purchasing the ownership or acquiring the delegation rights in terms of event hosting, image, trademark from owners such as domestic & international sports federations, sports franchises, players, and providing them back to corporate or federations after developing such things as a marketing or advertising tool.

  • Facility Management

    Providing the sports facility management service and strategic operation to increase the market value and utilization

Player Management

  • Personal Marketing

    Providing the talent management of maximizing player’s brand power

  • Sponsorship Planning

    Planning the most beneficial sponsorship program for both players and corporate by selecting a proper company in accord with player’s image

  • Player Transfer & Scouting

    Developing professional, amateur, and junior prospects and providing the consulting for player’s international transfer

  • Athletic Performance

    Offering the short-term and long-term plan for the better practice environment, physical training, mental therapy, mentoring and international transfer.




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